Orlando, 5 March 2017


We were pleased to hold another event in the US during the AAD annual meeting and were especially honoured to have Dr Daniel Mark Siegel and Dr Jill Waibel present at the event.

Thanks also go to our other presenters: Dr Markowitz, Dr Qian, Mr Eber, Prof Pellacani, Ms de Carvalho, Mr Holmes and Ms Levine as well as the many attendees.



1) Introduction

Dr Daniel Mark Siegel, State University of New York at Downstate, Brooklyn, NY

2) The practical use of OCT in clinical practice

Dr Orit Markowitz, Mount Sinai Faculty Practice

3) How to diagnose Basal Cell Carcinoma with OCT

Prof Giovanni Pellacani/Nathalie de Carvalho, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

4) Vascular patterns in melanoma according with Breslow’s thickness

Nathalie de Carvalho, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

5) OCT Imaging of scars and vascular lesions to aid optimization of laser treatment

Dr Jill Waibel, Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute                                   

6) Nail psoriasis and scars under OCT

Ariel Eber, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

7) Optical Coherent Tomography as a Noninvasive Tool to Evaluate the Healing Process

of Different Laser-induced Wound Models

Dr Qian, Stephens & Associates     

8) New developments of OCT measurements of skin

Jon Holmes, Michelson Diagnostics

9) New insights into the application of OCT in cosmetics

Amanda Levine, Mount Sinai Faculty Practice