The International Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Working Group in Dermatology has been established to facilitate communication, collaboration and research into the use of OCT in Dermatology. This Working Group is an independent extension of the successful OCT in Focus meetings. 

At the first meeting in Berlin a discussion was started about the best way to convene this Working Group. A provisional steering group of existing, senior OCT figures has been formed to discuss the best way to take this forward, consisting of:

  • Dr. Orit Markowitz
  • Prof. Uwe Reinhold
  • Dr. Martina Ulrich
  • Prof. Julia Welzel

This endeavour is being sponsored by Michelson Diagnostics, who are providing funding and administrative support, but will have no editorial control.

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We participated in the EU funded research project "ADVANCE" on dynamic OCT. This project led to the development of a dynamic OCT system, the VivoSight Dx, which is now clinically evaluated for investigation of skin cancer vasculature.