EADV Vienna, 29th September 2016

We held another successful and informative meeting in 2016, this time in the beautiful city of Vienna.

Thank you to the speakers who took the time to prepare and share some very interesting presentations.


The agenda was as follows:

Nathalie de Carvalho:  Dynamic OCT of melanocytic lesions - influence of tumor thickness

Sandra Schuh:              Comparison of different OCT devices for skin cancer diagnosis

Julia Welzel:                  5 D of dynamic OCT - vessel patterns in healthy and diseased skin

Dilan Yücel:                   OCT of basal cell carcinoma: density and signal attenuation

Dan Woods:                   D-OCT imaging PWS and haemangiomas for optimizing laser treatments

Ferial Fanian:                OCT in Aesthetic Medicin and Cosmetology

Gregor Jemec:              Dynamic OCT of actinic keratosis and epithelial skin cancer


Please find here the presentation from Prof. Welzel: Dynamic OCT - vessel patterns in healthy and diseased skin.


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