EADV Geneva, 14th September 2017

We held another successful and informative meeting in 2017, this time at the Uptown in Geneva.

Thank you to the speakers who took the time to prepare and share some very insightful presentations:


George Gaitanis   "OCT for evaluation of treatment outcome of BCC after immunocryosurgery" (click here for the presentation)
Sandra Schuh   "Interesting OCT cases and what we learned from them"

Nathalie de Carvalho   "Diagnosing difficult lesions with OCT and estimating melanoma's thickness".
Julia Welzel   "OCT of chronic wounds"

Katie Fletcher   "Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT): a new imaging method for in vivo histology"

Sinem Bagci   "Non-invasive assessment with OCT: moisturizer application in different ethnic skin types"
Christine Fuchs   "OCT imaging of acne vulgaris treated with gold nanoparticles and laser"

Daniel Woods   "Advances in vascular imaging"

Jon Holmes   "OCT measurements of skin for laser treatments" (click here for the presentation)

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