Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the meetings?

The meetings can be attended by anyone who has an interest in OCT

How much is it to attend?

The meeting is completely FREE

Is this for any particular system's users?

No, users of any OCT system are very welcome.

Who is able to present?

Clinical or research students or professionals who have OCT data or results they think could be interesting to the group should contact to propose a talk. The steering committee will then judge appropriately.

Who is on the steering committee?

The steering committee comprises four senior OCT clinicians

  • Dr. Orit Markowitz
  • Prof. Uwe Reinhold
  • Dr. Martina Ulrich
  • Prof. Julia Welzel

How is the working group funded?

Michelson Diagnostics is sponsoring the Working Group and the OCT In Focus initiative, provide funding and administrative support, but has no editorial control over any aspect of the society.

Is there free coffee?

Complimentary country-appropriate refreshments are served at all OCT in Focus meetings.