Founding Members of the OCT Working Group at the 2013 AAD Annual Meeting in Miami. Left to right: Dr. Markowitz, Prof. Reinhold, Dr. Siegel, Dr. Ulrich, Dr. McKenzie, Prof. Welzel, Prof. Jemec, Dr. Strasswimmer

Upcoming Meetings

OCT in Focus Meetings are organised regularly, and provide a place where expert OCT users can meet, exchange ideas and results, and move the understanding of OCT's role in dermatology forward. 

You and members of your team are warmly invited to attend to:

  • Top-up your knowledge – expand your understanding and discover the range of applications for OCT

  • Interact, peer-to-peer – opportunity to discuss those tricky cases with other fellow OCT users

  • Join the OCT community – connect with colleagues who are users of OCT

Please click here to find details of the previous OCT in Focus meetings.

Please see below for details of all the upcoming meetings.

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OCT in Practice

A workshop for new OCT users

Klinikum Augsburg, Germany

27 - 28 September 2019

The OCT in Practice workshop is designed to give new users or clinicians interested in becoming users of OCT an opportunity to learn more about the application of this technology on a peer-to-peer basis.

Over the course of the two days attendees will gain an understanding of Optical Coherence Tomography and learn about new developments in the field. The hands-on training has been designed to give an overview including pitfalls and to help gain experience in measuring skin conditions as well as interpreting images in order to become more confident when applying OCT in their own practice.

The workshop will take place on Friday 27 September from 16:00 to 18:30 hrs and Saturday 28 September 2019 from 9:00 to 14:00 hrs

The programme is being finalised and will be announced in due course.

To express your interest in attending this workshop please email us at