DDG Berlin, 30th April 2015


  • Andy Hill CEO at Michelson Diagnostics: Welcome to OCT in Focus
  • Prof Julia Welzel: Speckle-variance OCT
  • Sandra Schuh: OCT of actinic keratosis and basal cell carcinomas – quantification of signal intensity and thickness of layers using different OCT devices.
  • Dr Mette Mogensen: OCT imaging of wound healing & OCT imaging of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas.
  • Dr Bernd Algermissen:  Margin mapping with OCT—safer removal of BCC
  • Dr Martina Ulrich: Diagnostic accuracy of OCT for BCC diagnosis - results of a multicenter study
  • Prof Hjalmar Kurzen:  OCT cases I learnt from
  • Dr Gerald Messer: The current standard diagnostic severity score of onychomycosis by optical coherence tomography (OCT)