WCD Milan, 11th June 2019

In June 2019 we were delighted to host an OCT in Focus Working Group Meeting during the WCD in Milan.

Our meeting was chaired by Dr. Markowitz and Prof. Welzel


Robert Stephens, Syndey, Australia: Compression PDT guided by OCT

Sandra Schuh, Augsburg, Germany: OCT-guided laser treatment of BCC

Nathalie De Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: D-OCT of malignant melanomas

Julia Welzel, Augsburg, Germany: D-OCT of wounds and burns

Victor Mandel, Modena, Italy: D-OCT of nails

Marco Manfredini, Modena, Italy: OCT of Acne

Orit Markowitz, New York, USA: Image guided non-invasive BCC/SCC management

Jon Holmes, Maidstone, UK: OCT Image-guided treatment of vascular lesions

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